When I first  learned about game and started reading self-improvement material a few years ago, I dressed like 90% of guys do when going out. Simple collared shirt, khakis and a pair of loafers. Sometimes when it was really hot out, I’d just throw on a V-neck, some fitted jeans and a pair of Nikes.

Now I didn’t look like total shit – the clothes fit well, they were unwrinkled, clean etc. But no one would look at me and think I had style, and I definitely didn’t ‘stand out.’

Fast-forward a few years and my wardrobe has undergone a massive upgrade. I’ve equipped myself with half a dozen suits, a few custom jackets, and bunch of unique blazers.

If you’re frequenting classy venues (upscale lounges and clubs), then it is imperative that you dress the part. I also don’t believe in ‘over-dressing’. If other guys are wearing a simple sports jacket, you shouldn’t feel weird about wearing a full suit and jazzing it up with a flashy pocket square. If you’re middle aged, you want to be giving off the vibe of power, wealth, and someone who people respect – suiting up accomplishes that. If you’re young and suiting up, you command other’s attention even more. A young dude who has the balls (and $) to wear high quality clothing will leave girls with the impression that you’re a successful young buck (hopefully you are, or are on your way) with confidence and flair. Simply put, chicks will think you’re a baller.

Now you should still take into consideration where you live. I’ve been to some countries where wearing a full suit made me stick out like a sore thumb, and not in a good way. For the most part, however, especially if you live in an American city, wearing a suit will raise your perceived status. And, when trying to hit on 8’s and 9’s that you find in NYC clubs, you’ll need elevated status. Being a smooth wordsmith doesn’t usually fly when you’re dressed like a college bro at a frat party. Go ahead and try rocking a plaid shirt, or even graphic tee and jeans to the club. I’ve seen it work, but only with guys who are in fact promoters or who are paying their way through the door and who have a social group there partying with them.

Lastly, there’s a big difference between wearing a suit that’s appropriate for work and wearing a nice suit (or blazer/pant combo) that’s going to get you noticed at a club/bar/lounge venue. Wearing a boxy suit with pleated pants and square-toed shoes should never be ok, but it’s especially important to rock a slim fitting suit with some flair when you’re going out to party and meet girls.

Here’s an exaggerated version of an ill-fitting suit versus the slim fit you should be seeking:

Something simple and classy I would wear out:

Smart color combos for some added flair:

If you want to start off cheap, I highly recommend you visit your nearest Zara Clothing Store. They have a constant offering of unique blazers that stand out, look sharp, are slim fitting, and generally run you between $80 and $200. Mix them with some inexpensive chinos and you’ve got yourself your first few outfits.

When you’re ready to get serious, or if you want high quality in-person guidance, I recommend you visit my go-to store for purchasing suits, Suit Supply. Most of my full suits come from there as they have a big store in Soho and the staff is incredibly helpful. Just walk in, talk to one of the experts there and tell them you’re looking for a more casual suit that you can wear to non-work events and parties. I have one guy there who’s been helping me for years and just shoot him a text when one of my buddies or I is stopping by. There is a tailor in house who provides alterations should you decide to pull the trigger and buy something there.

Lastly, as an exclusive recommendation to any NYC players reading this, let me recommend Acustom Apparel. As you may have guessed from the name, they do fully custom suits, shirts, pants etc. They take your measurements with high-tech imaging technology (instead of by hand) and have your clothes ready for pickup a few weeks after you place your order. Expect to spend $500+ for a custom jacket or suit, but know that the fit you get here is unparalleled. They even alter your dress shirt to make sure you have extra room in the wrist of either your left or right sleeve, depending on what hand you wear your watch.

My personal experience:

I’ve been going out in New York since I was a teenager. Like every high schooler in the city, I eventually got my hands on a quality fake ID and started using it to my advantage. Even before I had an ID, I used to sneak into Le Bain’s rooftop club when I was 17…good times. When I dressed like a kid, I got treated like one. I had a beard and was pretty tall so I definitely didn’t look 17, but I certainly wasn’t coming across as having any value aside from some drunk cockiness.

Things all changed when my style underwent a 180° revamp. As I walked around looking for a good spot to post up at, I began noticing I was getting more and more eyes. I had started to look like someone who had his shit together, someone with confidence and swag. My conversations were hooking more easily and I was getting blown out less. Eventually girls would ask me how old I was, and I would tell them to guess. Whereas their normal guess used be around 22, girls now started asking me if I was 26, 27. I even dated a girl at one point when I was 19, who thought I was 32.

Suits changed everything for me. They gave me added confidence, and increased my ability to meet and connect with more attractive girls, regardless of their age. Upgrade your style and don’t be surprised if you upgrade your game in the process.



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