The best place to meet girls is generally on the street. Where else can you find such a high volume of attractive girls walking around alone? Maybe you like nightclubs and have connections to get into the hottest and most exclusive venues in your city, but most of us don’t. Simply put, if you live in or around a big city, you are bound to pass cute approachable girls almost every time you’re out. Even if you live outside of an urban area there is usually a decent sized town with a strip of stores and restaurants where you are guaranteed to find young people out and about.

Street game is also a lot of fun, especially if you do it with a wing – never rely on a wing to approach though; if you are out doing your own thing and see a girl you like, go after her. The feeling of making a connection or even getting rejected is a good one – you realize you just put yourself out there and are making strides to improve yourself. With every number or ‘no’ you get, you are able to reflect on mistakes and implement small changes in your approach as you begin to find a rhythm for yourself. It’s all about finding patterns and making a habit of the good ones.

Before we delve into starting and maintaining a conversation with a girl in the street, we need to address the physical action of approaching and commanding the attention of your target. The best way to approach a girl on the street is by jogging over and stopping her with purpose and assertiveness, while also making sure she feels safe and free to continue walking if she so pleases.

Let’s break it down step by step:

  • Girls who you notice while walking around are usually walking toward you (heading in the opposite direction of you). Let them pass by you before turning around and catching up to her. It can be quite alarming stopping a girl head-on with little or no notice. Make sure to come jogging from behind before you swing in front of her path to grab her attention.
  • After she passes by, you want to come jogging from behind and eventually catch up to her.
  • Make sure to make eye contact so she acknowledges you are about to stop her. Creating eye contact as you pull up alongside her ensures that she knows you’re about to turn fully towards her and initiate a conversation. A lot of guys make the mistake of running in front of the girl and not making eye contact until they deliver their opener; this can be alarming and one our main goals is to avoid spooking the girl (when she is relaxed and realizes you’re a normal, albeit ballsy guy, the conversation will flow a lot more smoothly).
  • As you pull up in front of her, raise your hand at waist level (any higher might be perceived as aggressive) signaling her to stop. You can also just jog in front of her and begin talking, but raising your hand lets her know you aren’t some random street-salesman but that you actually intend to stop and engage her.
  • Now some girls will just continue walking (especially if they’re in a rush or think you’re trying to get them to sign up for something). If a girl doesn’t stop immediately for you, never turn back around and continue jogging after her. Instead, angle your body toward her and deliver your opener as if she had stopped directly in front of you. Maybe she’s not interested and continues on her way or maybe she is interested in what you have to say and stops walking, turns back toward you and responds positively. Body language of women can be difficult to read, so harness a mindset that believes as soon as she stops, she is interested and willing to be charmed. Either way, it’s important to stop moving and hold your ground once you’ve begun to deliver your opener. This will help you appear confident and allow you to command her attention.
  • If you’ve positioned yourself properly, you should have one leg in her path, essentially splitting her body in half. If you stand completely in front of her and block her path, you will likely freak her out and miss out on the opportunity of starting a conversation.
  • When you stop in front of her, make sure you’ve looped around and given yourself at least a few feet of distance between you and her. You can always move closer as you begin to connect and build rapport but it’s important to leave a little distance in the first few seconds to assure she feels comfortable starting a conversation with you.
  • At this point, you should be standing a couple feet in front of her, with one of your shoulders directly facing the middle of her body (again, stand in front of her and command her with your presence, but don’t cut off her path completely).
  • From there, you want to lean slightly back, look relaxed and confident, make strong eye contact, smirk and then deliver your opener.

All these small details are important to understand but they can be difficult to grasp without a visual demonstration. The type of direct street-opener I’m discussing here is known as the ‘Yad-Stop’, popularized in London and now used by daygamers everywhere. A lot of infield videos on YouTube are blurry or are shot with shaky camera work but here is a clear video that does a good job demonstrating how to successfully approach and command the attention of an attractive girl in the street.


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