My daygame style is almost 100% direct but here in Prague I’ve been using being a foreigner as an excuse to ask girls questions about their city. I’ve been surprised at how helpful everyone is here – just yesterday I was looking for a specific tram and had a girl turn from where she was heading and literally walk me 2 blocks to the proper tram stop.

Girls here are beautiful, helpful, and very receptive to cold approaching so far (as long as they speak english). I’m spending 6 weeks here in Prague and traveling every weekend to a new country with a couple friends. Right now on the list is Berlin (this weekend), Budapest next weekend, followed by Belgrade and then potentially Vienna and Amsterdam.

I’ve been going out and having my roommate film infields so I should have something good up in the next couple of weeks. Right now Namesti Republiky (metro station right next to Palladium Mall) and Na Prikope street seem to be the most target and talent rich spots in the city. Been here for only a few days so still have a lot of exploring to do.




  • Klyde Hughes says:

    Social media has certainly turned into an epidemic worldwide. Can’t believe she was hesitant about giving you her number. Nevertheless, solid work like usual. It’s quite surprising how good her English was–hopefully that’s consistent across the board. Looking forward to the in field video.

    • The Player Press says:

      With foreign girls getting a Facebook contact has been just as effective as exchanging phone numbers. Especially if you don’t have immediate plans to chill within the next day or 2, a Facebook chat keeps the conversation alive by allowing the girl to see a photo of you/your profile every time you guys message each other (helps the connection remain strong whereas an empty SMS chain can easily peter out when she begins to forget what you look like and what your personality was like).

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