Spending my last few days in Europe before I head back to the States. I’m excited to be back in New York City, but I’m already looking forward to the next time I return to Prague – a beautiful city with gorgeous and receptive girls, good weather, and a low cost of living…only thing I was disappointed in was the shitty food. Here’s a montage infield of me approaching girls throughout Europe.

And my first full-length daygame infield of me approaching a Belarusian while on a short weekend trip to Vilnius. Don’t forget to subscribe to The Player Press YouTube Channel.


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  • Klyde Hughes says:

    That girl is gorgeous, energetic and feminine. If girls look like that in Belarus, I am going there. It’s refreshing to see a girl who is so patient and engaging in conversation.
    The main roadblock that I saw during this encounter is the process of sexualizing it. You’re doing solid work pushing it, but it seems like she’s not ‘playing along’–maybe because she is prude?
    How does she compare to what you experienced on your trip?
    Day game vs. night game?

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