I’m working on getting a high def/high zoom video camera this week before I leave for Prague. I’ll be pretty busy during the month and a half that I’m out there (early June-mid July), but I’ve got a buddy living there now and we will definitely set aside some time to start filming infields.

Regardless, I’m not always hanging out with friends or out approaching with other wings, so I won’t be able to capture video footage of all of them. What I will work really hard on doing (when I don’t have someone to film) is at least recording the audio of my sets. This is easy enough to do with an iPhone and iPhone headphones (which come with a mic). All I need to do is use a voice-recording app (like this app or even Voice Memos) and leave my headphones hanging out the front of my shirt. Or you can just have your headphones plugged into your phone and hanging around your neck – as long as they’re near your mouth the iPhone mic will actually pickup the conversation between 2 people surprisingly well.

If you don’t want to invest in microphones or video cameras but still want to analyze your approaches, I highly reccomend recording your conversations with a pair of headphones that has a mic.

I posted this video because while I didn’t get her number, I had a solid approach where we built a connection and were vibing pretty well. For the entire set she had huge smile on her face and as you can probably hear, she was constantly giggling.

Now there are 2 ways girls with boyfriends generally turn you down.

  1. They simply tell you they have a boyfriend very early on in the interaction and eject themselves.
  2. Or they fail to mention their relationship status until you make it extremely clear what your intentions are, at which point she politely explains her situation and sometimes thanks you for approaching her.

The latter is what I call a ‘soft rejection.’ It starts happening a lot when you become good at your craft. Maybe she has a boyfriend and is loyal to her man, but if you push the right buttons and continue teasing/making interesting statements you will likely get soft rejections from time to time. Obviously the goal isn’t to waste time hitting on girls who are unavailable, but it’s inevitable to meet girls who are taken but who otherwise would go out with you. Keep plugging until you get a firm no, because you might be providing her (through a ballsy direct street approach) the excitement her boyfriend lacks.

The approach ended with her telling me that I made her day and I could tell she meant it. While that wasn’t my intention, it wasn’t a bad side effect either.



  • DrG says:

    Good audio post. Would you recommend day game for older guys? It seems like most of the single women I see in my area tend to be college-aged and feels somewhat creepy approaching them when the age difference can be more than 10 years. In Easter Europe (where I frequently) travel age does not seem to be as much of a problem but in USA it’s an issue for me. What would you recommend in overcoming this?

    • theplayerpress says:

      Glad you liked the post. I know a couple solid players in their 30s and even creeping into their 40s who still are able to date girls 10-15 years younger than them in America. However even they admit that when they reach their 40s their returns begin slowly diminishing. I would say that while day gaming college aged girls when you’re in your 20s and 30s is probably the easiest, day gaming in later years will still be a hell of a lot more effective than going out to clubs and bars. There are still many girls out their who like the thought of an older guy providing for them and leading with wisdom and experience, and then other girls who like it for more sexual reasons. You see older guys with young girls a lot more frequently in EE and Asia from my experience as well, but you should still expect to have some success in America if you have good game.

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