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It’s Friday night, and you’re at the bar. All around you are groups of guys standing in small circles, constantly peering over their shoulders. In walks a lady. So what do you do? How do you catch her eye? What do you say? How can you stand out in a room full of single men on the prowl? With world-class game, that’s how.

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We all used to wear Sperry’s and backwards fitted caps, with our University lanyards dangling out of the pockets of our pastel shorts. But we’re men now, and times have changed. We’ve entered a whole new world of fashion, fitness, media, money, and leisure. What we do now will determine who we become as men. Lifestyle is everything.

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The Manifesto

Waiting for your buddy to get out of the shower so you can pregame and head out? Here’s a quick guide on 3 ways to meet women that you can read while you wait. PS we both know he’s using your razor.


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The Bulletproof Opener

March 26

Telling a girl she looks friendly is a foolproof way to engage her and elicit  a response. In the daytime, you can stop a girl and tell her she looks friendly and that she has some sort of positive energy that intrigued you and made you decide to come say hi. When you tell a girl you thought she looked “cute” or something else directly sexual, it sometimes, if not delivered with strong presence and confidence, can lead to a girl blowing you out or immediately using the classic boyfriend excuse. The “You look friendly opener” is direct enough to get her attention and evoke a response, but soft enough that she is likely to engage you.

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Wearing Suits To Go Out | Is It Worth It?

October 30

If you’re frequenting classy venues (upscale lounges and clubs), then it is imperative that you dress the part. I also don’t believe in ‘over-dressing’. If other guys are wearing a simple sports jacket, you shouldn’t feel weird about wearing a full suit and jazzing it up with a flashy pocket square. If you’re middle aged, you want to be giving off the vibe of power, wealth, and someone who people respect – suiting up accomplishes that. If you’re young and suiting up, you command other’s attention even more.

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Reaching A Game Plateau

October 24

Relationship game is totally different than the game needed to approach girls in bars or during the day, so I shouldn’t have been surprised at how rusty my game was after the breakup. Everything seemed off and while I’m still meeting and dating new chicks, my constant improvement has slowed down. For the past couple years, I’ve always felt that the more you are out there approaching, the more you are able to fine-tune your social skills and continuously improve.

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